M&A transactions and the development of new (digital) business models are playing an increasingly important role in the further development of companies. Lack of corporate succession, structural adjustments in highly competitive industries, consistent internationalization and new forms of competition are the triggers for corporate acquisitions, divestments and new strategic alliances. We advise you on the structuring of strategic partnerships, sale or acquisition of companies in the national and international environment. The FCI team has many years of experience in advising on growth issues and transactions in a wide range of industry sectors. We work globally, regionally as well as locally.

We support you purchasing and selling companies as well as growing through cooperations

FCI is your partner when it comes to sustainable growth - whether through your own efforts, through strategic partnerships or through acquisitions and sales. Trust in our many years of experience.


The first option in implementing the growth strategy is to start a new project by yourself investing in your own resources and talents.

Creating includes important learning effects for the organization and teams. Taking matter into your own hands and building them up often brings advantages in quality and result. 

Processes can be set up and implemented effectively, customer needs can be addressed directly and employees can be trained properly. 

Profits achieved stay entirely within the company and the entrepreneur has full transparency and control over the project.

This does not mean that the decision to create things yourself is without risk. 

The process takes longer than other options, which could also mean losing market share in the short term.

Simply rely on our experience to minimize risks and make the most out of your opportunities.


A second way of putting a growth strategy into practice, is to find a cooperation partner for a common achievement of goals.

Various studies show, that successful companies often have a strong partner at their side, who helps to realize synergies. 

Through its broad network in industry and commerce, FCI offers its clients and partners access to complementary, strong alliances, ​to leverage key synergies and realize the growth potential together.

Partnerships can include access to new markets and customer segments, joint production and warehousing, and other aspects of value creation. 

The focus is always on a win-win situation!

Buy / Sell

Buy - A well-known and often very powerful option for implementing the growth strategy, is through the strategic acquisition of companies.

Among other things, this acquisition can bring direct access to customers, an expansion of the product portfolio or an expansion of capacities.

The advantage of this approach is the efficiency of entering new markets and acquiring new expertise. 

However, there are also potential risks, especially if companies don't know what questions to ask, or whether or not, your acquisition target is a good fit for your company. 

Sell - If you are thinking about selling your business, it should be ensured that the buyer is indeed suitable, will continue with the business and at the same time has the necessary, financial resources.

An orderly handover is an important criterion in this respect and we will provide you with expert support.

Your M&A partner for sustainable growth and innovation.

Since its foundation in 1966 we are owner-managed, globally active and headquartered in Munich.